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About Us


Global outlook, shared vision

L’Attitude is an international network of independent agencies. All leading creative consultancies in their own territories, they are collectively trailblazing their way across a broad spectrum of communications – including public relations, search, social media, influencers and strategic counsel. 

Each agency has to deliver spectacular results in its own country. There are no free rides for any consultancies as their independence has to ensure they function as successful entities in their own right, unlike our friends in ‘owned’ networks.

As a group of like minded businesses, we share the same principles to create incredible client relationships and measurable outcomes across our campaigns in L’Attitude. We have built successful frameworks and methodologies to ensure enhanced strategic rollouts and coordination, with local listening and adaptation of messages and approach to deliver the most nuanced of results.

Whether it’s a ‘strategic hub and spoke’ model across multiple continents or just a couple of countries, we combine and share our incredibly diverse and rich set of human and digital insights to guarantee fresh, creative and tailored international communications.