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7 benefits of influencer marketing for your brand

Influencers are nothing new – they’ve fast become the lifeblood of any successful social media brand strategy. From partnerships to gifted products, there are a range of ways to incorporate the internet’s most in-the-know figures into your brand’s online presence.

If you haven’t yet made use of influencer marketing, what are you waiting for? Keep reading to find out seven of our biggest reasons to make influencers part of your digital marketing presence:

Boost your brand awareness
Skyrocket your SEO
Reach a highly targeted audience
Supplement your organic content
Build authentic trust
Access a scalable solution
Drive sales results

1. Boost your brand awareness

Influencer marketing is a quick move to help your brand reach hundreds, or even thousands of new accounts in one fell swoop. Each of these accounts represents a potential new customer.
By making sure you supply your influencer partner with all the high-quality content they need and ensuring a rigorous review process before posting, you’ll still be in control of how your brand is portrayed.
Brand awareness is just the start – this can then be translated into engagement, community, and sales growth.

2. Skyrocket your SEO

One of the lesser-known benefits of influencer marketing is its impact on organic search traffic.

Use influencer marketing to drive searchers to your site through backlinks. This boosts your backlink profile, signalling the quality and trustworthiness of your website to Google and other search engines. Just be sure to have your influencer partner backlink to your site in their written content.

In addition to backlinks, the increased brand awareness created by your influencer campaign means people will search for you on Google and click through to your website, further increasing your domain authority.

3. Reach a highly targeted audience

When you choose to collaborate with an influencer whose personal image and audience align well with your own brand, you gain exposure to a highly targeted audience. Micro and nano influencers are especially useful for raising brand awareness with niche interest groups.

This can save you lots of time that you’d otherwise spend trialling different campaign angles with extensive A/B split testing. With the help of the right influencer, your perfect target audience is already gathered in one place just ready for you to tap into. You’d be a fool not to take the opportunity.

4. Supplement your organic content

Influencers make content for a living, or at least as a dedicated side hustle. This means they’re really, really good at it. They also know what their audience loves, and what they don’t react so well to. This lowers the risk that your influencer campaign content won’t land.

The content your influencer produces can be repurposed across your brand’s social feeds – not just on the influencer’s own channels.

Make sure you sign an agreement that gives your brand permission to repost and repurpose any content created as part of your influencer partnership so everything is above board.

The result is an enriched and varied content strategy for your brand, reaping the benefits of social proof, trust, and authenticity that come with influencer recommendations.

5. Build authentic trust

Unlike celebs, influencers represent a more attainable lifestyle to their followers. They have the persona of that trusted friend who’s always in the know about the latest trends, and always keen to recommend them. It makes sense that they garner an online following of admirers.

There really is an influencer for every user and every brand. These communities often come together over hobbies and passions, varying from skincare to trainspotting. The relationships between influencers and their followers are built on trust, so you can be confident that when they share your brand, the audience is already engaged and ready to listen.

6. Access a scalable solution

Whether you have access to a big budget, or are looking for a low-cost social media strategy boost, influencer marketing is an accessible and scalable choice.

Just like brands, influencers vary in size. From micro and nano followings with their small but super-engaged communities to mega influencers raking in millions of adoring fans – each tier of influencer holds different benefits for brands looking to partner up.

Mid-tier influencers are a great option for trust-building, representing authentic channels for conveying expertise in their interest area – whether that’s home DIY or solo travelling. Macro and mega influencers – the big names on everyone’s lips – charge a high price, but make valuable ambassadors thanks to their massive reach.

One thing to remember is that those with smaller followings are more likely to accept an agreement based on gifted products, while the likes of Molly Mae and Joe Wicks will charge a hefty price tag for content. This doesn’t necessarily mean smaller content creators aren’t worth the effort – in fact, micro and nano influencers have highly engaged followings, meaning they’re often much more efficient at driving conversations and sales.

7. Drive sales results

In addition to the air of authenticity that influencers wield, they also deliver tangible results when it comes to guiding consumers’ purchasing decisions.

Thanks to the trust present in the relationships between influencers and their audience, they are capable of lending an invaluable credibility to the brands they work with. This means that branded influencer campaigns don’t only reinforce brand messaging, they also bolster sales with the inclusion of calls to action, discount codes, and URL links.

With generic, celeb-driven ads – for example, those we see on TV or on billboards – it’s difficult to track real results. However, with influencer marketing, you have access to a range of metrics to measure success. Plus, if your partnership includes the right to make your influencer’s content into ads, you can even measure click-through-rate and conversions.

FAQs about influencer marketing

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is the term for collaborating with content creators who have a strong following that aligns well with your own online audience. Through contracts and briefs, they’ll deliver content that showcases your brand and products, gaining you exposure to a whole new audience. KPIs of these campaigns can vary, from driving sales to boosting engagement.

Are there any risks with influencer marketing?

Choosing an influencer that clashes with your brand can come across as inauthentic and put audiences off. It is really important to choose the influencers you work with carefully to ensure your brand is the right match for their followers.

Is the success of influencer marketing measurable?

Influencers can share their insights with you once your campaign is wrapped up. This includes the reach and engagement of their posts, and the link clicks and story views of their stories.

What’s the key to a successful influencer marketing strategy?

L’Attitude’s global network of digital marketing, content, comms, and PR experts have the experience and connections to shape the perfect influencer marketing strategy for your brand. Keen to learn more about working with us? Get in touch today.