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Markets: UK and Australia

What we’ve delivered: Six figure sales, 580m+ reach, 140k interactions, 14k+ keywords.

Our challenge was to champion the future of healthier hairstyling. Unleashing UNSTOPPABLE confidence through hairstyling that gives people great hair without damage or despair.​ We were tasked with taking CLOUD NINE beyond its Yorkshire roots, and across the globe.​

To achieve this we developed an extensive research programme, which redefined our primary audience away from Gen Z to focus on Millennial Hair Fanatics and three other test groups. It also revealed our hero USP, variable temperature control, as a means to deliver ‘healthier heat styling’.​

Leading with earned and owned channels, we created an integrated content strategy, supported with a new brand asset – the CLOUD NINE temperature calculator.​

With equal focus placed on making CLOUD NINE famous for variable temperature control whilst driving search and sales – the results speak for themselves.​

Our proactive media hub educates, drives product endorsement and creates brand awareness. ​

Influencer, experiential and events activity heightens visibility and credibility by association with brands and celebrities alike. ​

Our Search and Content programme enhances the digital customer journey, tapping into trending topics and FAQs to drive brand reach, engagement and authority.