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Client: Kodak

Sector: Tech / Manufacturing

Markets: Switzerland, UK, France, Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, the UAE, South Africa

What we’ve delivered: Over 150 pieces of targeted tier 1 coverage across EMEA

We oversaw the implementation of an EMEA-wide PR network for the print side of Kodak’s business, managing all the corporate and B2B communications and campaigns across the region. We developed all strategy and tactics centrally in the UK, rolling out all content, toolboxes and press materials to countries across the globe. Sustainability around water usage was a key topic to drive exposure.

Utilising our expertise from the UK, we managed all budgets centrally, organising press gatherings and speaker slots at major industry events across Europe, publishing whitepapers on key issues, setting up profiling interviews for the CEO in national newspapers and writing and placing case studies. We delivered outstanding trade exposure throughout. To launch Kodak’s new Sonora printing plates, we worked with Kodak to commission a sustainability white paper, positioning the company as the thought leader in the sector.

Authored by Laurel Brunner, Managing Director of Digital Dots Limited, the ‘Process Efficiency for Improved Sustainability’ white paper was specifically targeted at print companies and media looking to use technological innovation to implement significant environmental and financial efficiencies within their print offerings and capabilities, in order to enhance long-term profitability. It was launched at a press event at Kodak’s state-of-the-art plate manufacturing plant in Osterode, Germany, with 70 key sustainability, trade and national journalists from nine countries across Europe attending.